Wish List

This is a place for the party to voice any wishes they might have for the campaign, such as magic items, enemy encounters or narrative moments and themes. Joke examples are listed below for the party to edit.



  • God Killers: it would be awesome to kill an evil deity—is that even possible?


Magic Items

  • Vorpal Bear: a companion that bites off enemies’ heads.
  • Flying Mount: any flying mount—a flying vorpal bear, for example.



Mr. Freeze: I always thought he was cool. I too love Freeze… and his frozen ice princess bride. Have you read game of thrones/Ice and Fire song of do you know of the Others???

Here’s my paper napkin idea of Lord Freeze… There is a legend… of a great Lord… Who fell in love (or was bewitched) by an Other princess… a White on White Eladrin Elfy, Vampire, Necromancer Princess Thingy (knowbody really knows wtf she was)… They ruled the north for a hundred years of Ice, Blood and Horror. … I was imagining Our freeze was like that.

  • I second … use our Titan to kick Other-titan @ss in a giant robo-battle… but we really need to earn that one… I want to figure out the mystery of the titan… since it squished Ryviin’s family when it fell here. Where did it come from. Whats that shine stuff? Titan blood? I think Jackal might know… I think we can get to Jackal threw the Harley sprite thing. But to get to Spritey.. we need to kill this Thorn character with fire dwarfs help. Before Thorn gets any more powerful… We gotta keep the criminals of gotham as un organized as possible. We need to ally ourselves with Sheriff Lord (or whatever) Gordon

no more dinking around… its time to kick some!!!

ok that’s enough…. FOR NOW… mua ha ha


  • Gain use of the Titan, go back to his home realm, use our Titan to kick Other-titan @ss in a giant robo-battle
  • Find a girlfriend for Red (break through is Spock/Data exterior)
  • Get one of us elected to office in Gotham
  • Throw a giant party in the Cheery Dragon
  • Find a shipwreck with treasure
  • Help the poor of Gotham— build a hospital or orphanage
  • Get a home base with a serious view— top of a tower, carved into the cliff face… some sweet real estate
  • Meet the Gotham version of Poison Ivy…
  • Participate in a city holiday, either commemorating an event in history or a religious event… hopefully this holiday has some outlandish tradition around it (like getting dressed up as dragonborn or eating something truly gross as a sign of manliness)
  • Obtain a map of the larger world around Gotham, hinting at distant lands or islands of mystery
  • Help someone from the Cheery Dragon in a quest or side quest
  • Name our group something cool… the Knight Riders, the Knighthood, Knight Squires, the Knighty Knights? maybe this will happen naturally, but I’d love for the people of Gotham to know us by name The Black Hand it is!
  • Have a session of outdoor adventure that is strongly affected by weather… a rain storm, super windy, a blaket of snow… something that just makes everything a little different.
  • Find a physical property in the world of Gotham that is different than the mundane world… doesn’t have to be a big thing… could be that lightning is green, or geodes contain pudding, or that earthquakes go straight up and down rather than side to side… it would just be fun to have the surprise.
  • Find an apothecary for buying cool potions… would love to find some that can grant a one-day boon to a skill (increased streetwise) or funky ability (super jump)… not sure who would run a Gotham apothecary, but could be a fantasy dead head equivalent
  • Find a place that will accept our mundane loot (swords, helmets) so we are tempted to haul that crap back for few gp from time to time
  • Find a totally wicked key that has no obvious lock for many a session… the ultimately cool key of something someday.

Wish List

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