Campaign Synopsis


The Shadow Knight leaves Gotham in the hands of the party as he exits a portal to investigate the origin of the Titan, and the magic empowering Gotham’s villains. The party narrowly averts a citywide disaster at the hands of Man-Bat, but at great cost. Gotham’s criminal element fight over the Shine—a drug distributed by the Jackal which grants strange powers.


Episode 1 – Knightfall
Five adventurers, patrons of the Cheery Dragon pub, are drawn outside by an explosion and discover a local legend—the Shadow Knight—fleeing from humanoid bats. The party defends the pub from attack and pursue the Knight into a nearby cave.
Episode 2 – Shadow Hunt
The cave leads into the Titan and find the Shadow Knight. He carries a decaying magic element that opens a portal but mutates an attacking bat that the adventurers slay. The Knight is leaving Gotham to investigate the source of the Titan and tasks the adventurers with protecting Gotham from the bats. He gives the party a crystal key and asks them to find “Red” in his lair beneath Kane Manor. After the Knight leaves, an entity called the Jackal appears and muses about the situation before snapping his fingers—the party appears on the cliffs of Kane Manor as an explosion rocks the location they teleported from.
Episode 3 – Red
The party finds the Shadow Knight’s lair beneath Kane Manor and learn that the crystal key is the heart of a warforged named Red. He is a Titan arrival whose consciousness awoke after the Crash. Red and the Shadow Knight have developed a friendship, and Red volunteered his crystal to allow access to deeper levels of the Titan. Regarding the humanoid bats, Red suspects the Man-Bat—a possessed alchemist—will transform Gotham’s citizens through the city’s water supply. Red enchants the party’s weapons with an exorcism ritual before setting out to establish a new lair of operations, since the Jackal clearly knows its current location.
Episode 4 – The Sleepy Guard
The party races to Gotham’s water plant and finds it infested with bat creatures. After battling their way to an underground river, they find the Man-Bat performing a contamination ritual on the city’s water supply.
Episode 5 – Victory & Loss
The party uses their exorcism-enchanted weapons to draw the Man-Bat out of Ender Andstrom and manage to not just banish, but obliterate him completely. Victory carries a heavy toll, as Ender Andstrom is lost and Raife leaves the group, becoming horribly disfigured in his attempt to prevent Man-Bat from ever returning to Gotham.
Episode 6 – Trail Ignited
The party investigates the explosions and follows a trail of Blast Ruby that leads them to the hideout of the Bridgebangers.
Episode 7 – The Burning Hand
Posing as Bridgebangers, the party learns the explosions were part of a contract with an unrevealed source to earn a magic element called Shine. Arnal, leader of the Bridgebangers hopes to use the element to join Thorn’s criminal network, but the Shine is accidentally destroyed in a fight with the party.
Episode 8 – The Brothers Stormscale
Arnal’s priest brother, Oren, happens upon the party and employs their help to sway Arnal from his path. At Arnal’s hideout in the Darkwood, the party learns Thorn is seeking an eladrin princess from Arcarius’ city. With no information about the eladrin, Arnal instead plans to bribe Thorn with Shine acquired from a pixie companion of Jackal’s, as payment for the explosions. Unable to sway Arnal without revealing their infiltration of the Bridgebangers, the party returns to the Cheery Dragon to regroup.
Episode 9 – When Halflings Attack
The Cheery Dragon is a good source of leads: the party learns the name of the pixie (Holly) from Sam and Cailiff suspects that Andstrom’s tattoos have religious origins. Still searching for a lead to Arcarius’ princess the party impersonates her in an area suspected of Thorn activity but attracts more attention than they bargained for.
Episode 10 – Arnal’s Bane
After a narrow escape from halflings in the temple district, the party regroups and spies on the meeting between Thorn and Arnal. Arnal is killed but sets off a bomb that staggers Thorn, whom the party chases after and captures.
Episode 11 – The Face of Thorn
The party returns to the Shadow Cave and learns their captive is a Face of Thorn. After learning about the princess and Holly, the party encounters a powerful homunculus attacking the Shadow Cave for an unseen agent.
Episode 12 – Enter the Gorgon
The party abandons the now-compromised Shadow Cave and investigates a lead on Aladressa to the home of Ender Andstrom (Manbat). In Andstrom’s basement, they discover two dead eladrin guards from Mithrendain and a sketch of a manor called the Red Grounds. En route, they are ambushed by bad police and afterwards meet a friendly policeman named Kamus Gorgon.

Campaign Synopsis

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