Below is a list of in-game tasks player characters can complete for achievement points. Players are encouraged to suggest new achievements, which will be made official and assigned point rewards upon DM approval. Players are also encourage to strike through achievements they believe are completed, which are cashed in and transferred to the “Completed” section upon DM approval.


Players receive special in-game rewards for completing achievements. The exact nature of reward milestones are kept hidden but the points necessary to reach a them are not. The contents of each reward will be revealed as they are acquired.

Current Achivement Points: 850

  • 250 Achievement PointsFormless Face
  • 750 Achievement Points—???
  • 1500 Achievement Points—???


The following achievements have been approved. Players should edit this page and strike through achievements as they are completed. When met with DM approval, they are cashed in and archived below.

  • CHICKEN OF THE SEA: Swim during a combat encounter (25)
  • JUST A FLESH WOUND: Crit an enemy that doesn’t die (25)
  • KARMA-GEDDON: spend more than 5 karma on a single action (25)
  • MULTI MINION: Kill more than two minions with one attack (25)
  • NEST EGG: Store party loot in a bank (25)
  • POINDEXTER: Buy a book (25)
  • ROPE A DOPE: Use a rope to climb more than 30 feet (25)
  • SNOOZE, DON’T LOSE: A character is put to sleep during combat (25)
  • TIPPY TOES: Successfully sneak past a guard (25)
  • DUNGEON DODGE: Narrowly avoid a deadly dungeon trap, i.e. poison darts, hidden blade disks, bottomless pits, ect… (50)
  • FLAWLESS VICTORY: No one has to reconnect for an entire session (50)
  • HOMECOMING: Entire party visits a character’s home outside of Gotham (50)
  • IOCAINE POWDER: Deliver Poison damage to an enemy (50)
  • K2: We climb to the top of a mountain that has snow (50)
  • LIKE CLOCKWORK: All PC’s online and on Virtual Table before 8:30 (50)
  • LOOK OUT BELOW: Take more than 20 points of falling damage (50)
  • MARION UNDER-TABLE: Out drink someone or something under the table. (50)
  • SKILLED: Make a skill check for every skill (50)
  • SPIDERMAN: Skill climb more than 100 feet (50)
  • THAT’S SUPAH COUP: Perform a Coup de Grace (50)
  • TRICK SHOT: Hit all enemies, miss all friendlies (>0) in an area attack (50)
  • TRUST YOUR FEELINGS: Hit an invisible enemy with a melee attack (50)
  • W-2: Get paid for doing work at the Cheery Dragon (50)
  • ANCHORS AWAY: Pilot a boat (75)
  • BLACKJACK!: Make a wager with an NPC and win (75)
  • NIGHTY NIGHT: Attack a sleeping enemy (75)
  • RASH OF THE TITAN: Travel through the Titan’s rump (75)
  • STRETCHING IT: Crit roll a ranged attack at far range (75)
  • CHOO CHOO: Ride the lightning rail on the outside (100)
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE: Make two crits in a row (100)
  • POWER MANIAC: Use every power in your arsenal in one combat encounter (100)
  • SNAKE EYES: Make two fumbles in a row (100)
  • SWIFT KILLER: Finish a combat encounter in less than 1 hour (150)
  • A DIFFERENT KIND OF GOLD: Make NPC’s wet themselves (200)
  • GOONIE’S TUNE: save a life through your knowledge of music. (200)
  • INSTANT KILLER: Finish a combat encounter in less than 30 minutes (300)


Players are encouraged to add new achievements in this section, which are made official and assigned point rewards upon DM approval.

  • EXAMPLE ACHIEVEMENT: Add an achievement beneath this one


The following achievements have been successfully completed.

  • LIGHT MY FIRE: Use a torch or other flammable to see in dark place (25) Sun Rods in SK entryway
  • MAD SKILLZ: Attempt three skill check types in one session (25) Jin went skills crazy
  • MOMENTARY EMBARRASSMENT: Fumble a skill check on an trained skill (25) Poor Ryviin fumbled his attempt to loosen the flaming hand!
  • MOMENTARY GENIUS: Crit a skill check on an untrained skill (25) Tam Critted his perception
  • MOTHER THERESA: Bring someone back from dying (25) Chains brought back Ryviin and Arcarius with his shield
  • THAT’S NO LADY: Successfully impersonate a woman (25) Jin impersonating the eladrin princess.
  • CRIT-PUNCH: Roll a D20 to end / win a conversation with your fist! (50) Ryviin’s guard smack!
  • DO DROP IN: Push/Slide and enemy off safe terrain and deal falling damage (50) Chains sends the Pict Brute sailing off the rooftop!
  • HORSE BOMB WIN: Leap from two stories or more and successfully land on your trusty steed. (50) Everyone but Chains
  • HORSE BOMB FAIL: Leap from two stories or more, only to miss your steed… doing massive harm to yourself and or your horse. (50)Sorry Chains :(
  • POWER PLAYER: Use every power in your arsenal (50) Tamarin has used all powers he’s got
  • WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?: Go unconscious from hit point loss (almost die) (50) Ryviin and Arcarius were nailed by Thorn’s goons
  • WWJD?: Let an enemy live (knock out, release them) (50) Left some of the Bridge Burners alive (like the dude under the cloaks)…
  • YOU’RE SKILLIN’ ME!: Attempt five skill check types in one session (50) Tamarin- Dex/Acro/Bluff/Insight/Stealth
  • HURTS SO GOOD: Damage an enemy without using an attack power or typical combat action (100) Chains tossed the mutated hand into the fire…
  • WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE: Bloody an ally (150) Jin dinged Arcarius… not exactly the plan :(


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