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Gotham City is renowned for its magic, riches and shadows. Towering manors and lightning rails overlook forgotten slums infested with cults of personality that use sword and sorcery in a deadly struggle for power. But the Shadow Knight, a dark legend, rises each night to battle evil and maintain order.

Or did, until the Crash.

Twenty-five years ago, a titanic automaton materialized in the sky and crashed into Gotham, laying waste to its districts. The lifeless vessel had no known origin or purpose but soon after, strange new villains appeared, the influence of the Shadow Knight ebbed and the scales of order tipped toward chaos.

Now Gotham wanes, the world darkens, and each night we pray for more heroes.

This campaign is an adaptation of Batman: The Animated Series for the Dungeons & Dragons universe. A brief campaign synopsis can be found here.

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