Quest Log

All active party quests are described below. Major and minor quests are grouped separately in alphabetical order. Major quests appear in bold.

  • Take Down the Jackal: put a stop to his madness once and for all.
  • Remove the Influence of the Shine: enemies are growing powerful under its influence.
  • Take Down Thorn: remove a powerful force among the criminal element in Gotham.
  • Save the Princess: save Aladressa de Grand from her captors.
  • Confront Holly: a source of the Shine and a trail to the Jackal.
  • Solve the Mystery of Andstrom’s Tattoos: Where did they come from?
  • Solve the Mystery of the Orc: what business does an orc have in Gotham?
  • Solve the Mystery of the Medallion: what is the connection between Man-Bat and the fey guard?
  • Learn about the Masquerade: what does it have to do with Princess Aladressa?
  • Investigate Holly’s church: what is she hiding there?


All inactive party quests are described below, in reverse chronological order.

  • Interrogate the captured Face of Thorn: learn what he knows about Gotham’s underworld. (30 xp)
  • Attend Arnal’s Meeting with Thorn: a rare opportunity to match a face with an enemy. (30 xp)
  • Respond to Red’s Signal: Meet Red at the Cheery Dragon when you see the Bahamut sky-light. (30 xp)
  • Confront Arnal about Thorn: Try to convince him of his folly. (30 xp)
  • Bridgebanger contact identity: Find out who supplied the Bridgebangers with Shine. (30 xp)
  • Confront the Bridgebangers: Find out what involvement the Bridgebangers had in the explosions. (25 xp)
  • Investigate Explosions: Investigate the explosions that went off near the Cheery Dragon. (25 xp)
  • Save Gotham from Manbat: Prevent the Man-Bat from transforming Gotham into bats. (125 xp)
  • Find Red: Gain entrance to the Shadow Cave inform someone named “Red” about the Man-Bat. (25 xp)
  • Help the Shadow Knight: Help him escape from the swarming man-bats. (25 xp)

Quest Log

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