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Welcome to the Gotham wiki, which includes rules addenda and adventure note links, and a glossary with links to further information.


Adventure Notes


The Arkhosian city whose ruins Gotham was built upon.
the Arcane University
Gotham’s renowned center of magic study, destroyed in the Crash.
An ancient dragonborn empire, lost milleniums ago in conflict with Bael Turath.
Bael Turath
An ancient tiefling empire, lost milleniums ago in conflict with Arkhosia.
the Bridgebangers
An explosives unit in the Gotham Infantry, disbanded after too many accidents.
the Cheery Dragon
A Norcliff basement bar beneath the Salted Cow, favored by the PCs.
the Civilized Races
A term for humanoid races that have integrated with society.
the Colosseum
A Gotham sporting arena, destroyed in the Crash.
the Cove
A sheltered bay in west Gotham; holds ruins of Ankor.
the Crash
An event from years ago, when the Titan materialized in the sky and crashed into Gotham.
the Darkwood
A woodland northeast of Gotham, known for its fog; Raife’s childhood home.
the Feywild
The Plane of Faerie; one of two planes parallel to the Material Plane.
the Frost Ladder
A towering range of treacherous mountains located north of Gotham.
the Glimmerwood
A rain forest north of Gotham, beneath the Frost Ladder.
The last great city of Nerath and home of the legendary Shadow Knight.
Gotham Infantry
City infantry trained for military, civil, or house duties and conflicts.
the Heights
Gotham’s highlands above the Valley; North and South Heights.
the Industrial District
A Gotham district in the Valley east; with mills and warehouses.
Kane Manor
A South Heights manor built by the wealthy Kane family.
The devil-possessed alter ego of the alchemist Ender Andstrom.
the Market
A Gotham district in the Valley west; with common markets.
Material Plane
The mortal world.
An eladrin city located in the Feywild; Arcarius’ childhood home.
A human empire built after the fall of Arkhosia and Bael Turath, lost centuries ago.
A Gotham district on the cliffs north the Valley; with midscale markets.
North Heights
A Gotham district in the highlands north the Valley; with schools and government.
A tiefling PC (former), gone missing after being disfigured by the Man-Bat.
the Salted Cow
A disreputable Norcliff restaurant, above the Cheery Dragon.
Scary’s Tavern
A popular Norcliff bar, competing with the Cheery Dragon for customers.
the Shadow Knight
A dark hero renowned for fighting crime within Gotham.
the Shadowfell
The Plane of Shadow; one of two planes parallel to the Material Plane.
A Gotham district on the cliffs south the Valley; with smiths and forges.
South Heights
A Gotham district on the southern clifftops; with manors and the Colosseum.
the Titan
A lifeless, titan-sized automaton responsible for the Crash; now a permanent part of Gotham.
the Valley
The valley in Gotham; the Market and Industrial Districts.
the Wharf
A Gotham district located beside the Cove; Ryviin’s childhood home.

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