A quiet half orc monk that is slow to anger and frightening when furious


When traveling Gotham, Tamarin tries to hide his half-orc heritage beneath a hooded cloak. His cloak and robes also hide the many scars he received in his training at Stone Breath Temple. His arms, legs, and ribs have been broken— only to have healed and made him stronger ( though he does get a slight twinge when rain approaches)…

His teeth are fanged (more orc than human), so he hides them unless he’s trying to intimidate or frighten someone.

Whenever there is a calm moment in Gotham, Tamarin will seek to perfect his meditative skills and learn to better attune himself to the bustle of the city. In stark contrast, Tam is much more open, inquisitive and joyful in his exploration of the wilds (he remembers the joys of childhood when he’d explore the jungle).


Tamarin grew up in an isolated monastery where the tallest mountains ended and the lush rain forests began. He was raised by the Senior Member of the order, an ancient leathery monk known as Snow Leopard (he got the name during his year of walkabout, when he fought and killed a monstrous cat on the tallest mountain peak).

The young novitiates were taught to look up to the mountain tops as a meditative tool toward higher understanding and a challenge to personal perfection. All of their training was measured and rewarded by granting higher access to the mountainside.

But Tamarin was more interested in the wild jungles below the monastery, where exotic birds and primates ruled the forest canopy. This was how he got his name, for the monks thought of him more as a wild creature of the world below rather than one that would gain greater heights.

When Snow Leopard died, Tamarin left the monastery, determined to make his own way. He has traveled far since then, using his love of exploration and monk skills to eke out a living in whatever way presents itself. He’s been looking for a cause that is as noble as the monk’s inward journey, but is aimed at the betterment of the defenseless and downtrodden.


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