Badass Changeling

  1. Where are you from and why?
    Are you from the slums where your immigrant parents sought a better tomorrow? Are you from the upper-class orphaned in a high society temple? Are you a small villager expected to take up the family farm? Or raised by beasts in a faraway land when your parents died en route?

I don’t remember where I’m originally from, but my earliest memories are of parental figures caring for me. I don’t remember a home, per-say. I remember a few places growing up that were thought of as “home”, or at least a safe place to live for a while before traveling to another undiscovered (by my young eyes) place.

  1. What do you currently do for a living and why?
    Did you become an apprentice mage to unravel the mystery of the automaton? Did you stumble upon an a living as an artisan carving wooden sculptures? Or do you search the dangerous ruins beneath Gotham just for the adrenaline rush?

I’m a hired hand, not staying any one place too long, making allies (and enemies) throughout the land. I like to travel, and I often will change my appearance to fit in better with my surroundings.

  1. Who are your family and what relationship do you have with them?
    Did you come from a large family, distant to your military father but close to your siblings and mother? Or is your brother your only family, estranged since the death of your parents in the Crash?

I don’t remember them specifically, or where they went. I just remember their presence when I was small. One day I awoke in the woods next to a dead man, and my “parents” never returned. I didn’t recognize the man, but was quickly discovered and taken in by a clan of Sorcerers.

The man who was found dead near me when I awoke in the woods as a child was part of the clan that took me in. They told me that my parents killed him, and hoped I would make for a good ransom. My parents never came for me, so instead of letting me go, they branded me one of their own and taught me their magic. I don’t know to what end, but I was released when I turned 15.

  1. Who are your closest friends and how do you know them?
    Are your closest friends soldiers met in the guard before you dropped out? Did you come to know an old alchemist walking him home in the streets of Gotham each night? Or is your only friend a neighbor child too young and naive to fear your troubled past?

Those closest to me know me by different forms. My teachers in the Sorcerers Clan know me as Isaac, a human. The only woman I’ve ever fallen for, Ivy Alora, knows me as Ryrdek, a Tiefling.

  1. Where did your abilities, skills, and powers come from?
    Did you learn how to charm others in the high courts of Gotham? Did streetwise and intimidation come from a previous life as a bully? Or did you channel your resources training to defend Gotham like the Shadow Knight?

From the Sorcerers clan I grew up in, but my powers are innately affected by some inherent wild nature.

  1. What person, place, or thing do you care about the most, and why?
    Is your little sister the light of your life in a city of darkness? Is your only desire to make it into the elite guild of Gotham knights? Or is the relic sword of your father represent your only hope of salvation?

Myself. I find it hard to trust people, and because of this, I do what serves my own purposes and find it amusing to play on the trust of others. There are few who have earned my complete trust, however. Ivy Alora and my Clan Master, Grimsvold are two of them.


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