A rough but good natured Dwarf veteran, out to make a name for himself...or at least some decent coin.


Chains is fairly large for a Dwarf at almost 5 feet tall. He’s solidly built with close cropped hair up top and a suprisingly close cropped beard. It’s not a usual style for a dwarf. Chains says he keeps it short so it wont get in the way when there’s work to be done. For Chains, work almost always means fighting. He’s usually either dinged up in some way, or is about to be.

He came to Gotham when he was young, not too long after the crash. He had nothing at that time and stayed in the slums until he found there was money to be made in fighting. He became an underground prize fighter and did as well as an underground fighter with no real sponsors can do. In one of his bouts he caught the eye of a Sergeant Taft (Smiley). Smiley saw some potential in the young dwarf and convinced Chains to join the military. Chains flourished there for many years. It was there he became proficient in an unusual weapon, the triple headed flail. His proclivity for the weapon earned him the moniker “Chains” which he goes by to this day. Though he did well as a fighting man, he never really moved beyond his role as an infantry heavy (a very good one), even with the help of his friend Smiley. Chains wanted more.

Almost a year ago Chains left the military to pursue his own interests and give his own orders for a change. Though he still holds Smiley as a great friend, Chains is pretty sure there is better fame and fortune to be made freelancing than he ever could have had in the service. So far, he has yet to see the real fruits of that assertion. His moment will come though!


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